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The key to making our community work and thrive is volunteers who have a passion and a desire to better the community in which they live. This does not take anything special, it just takes someone who is willing to do SOMETHING. This something could be as little as pulling a few weeds from an entrance way or as big as someone who plans and organizes an entire event. A real community is not a group of houses a real community is a group of people that interact and support each other. We have organized a small number of committees that touch on the areas that people in the community have stressed is important to them in some way shape or form. Please consider volunteering some time to one or more of the committees we have. The way this works is by signing up your name the committee leader will get in touch with you when something is needed to be done.

Don't feel like you are quite up to submitting your name to help? While we wish you would consider it we understand. However, please fill out the top half of the information so that we can keep you on our email blast list. We promise we won't spam you, occasionally we will send out information that residents might find useful, such as upcoming meetings, upcoming events, problems in the area, items that might require community action, and others.

The OSCA has formed 6 committees that focus on the issues that residents find important to the neighborhood. Below is a short description of each committee. To sign up to help out please visit our "Get Involved!" page.

Communication (

The focus of this committee is communicating to the community what is going on. This ranges from creating the newsletter, creating content for the website, creating fliers for events, assisting in monitoring the forums, creating graphics for the fliers/website and such.

Membership (

The primary focus of this committee is running and managing a successful membership drive.

Block Watch (

The neighborhood is broken up into small manageable groups, the block captain is the eyes and ears of the small subsections of the neighborhood. The role is to simply convey information from their block to the board.

Parks and Landscaping (

This committee is to help preserve and restore neighborhood beauty. Some of the responsibilities of this committee are the common green spaces as well as the landscaping and entry ways to the neighborhood.
The primary focus here is the Discovery Playground at the heart of the community. This committee is there to preserve and restore the condition of the Discovery Park.

Events (

The events team is to assist in hosting various community events, such as picnics, Santa’s visit, and other functions that promote a sense of community.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor (

This committee will assist our senior, disabled, and veteran residents with routine activities that they can not easily accomplish on their own due to physical or economic restrictions. Examples include small household repairs, non-routine yard work, moving heavy furniture, snow (driveway) removal, emergency drugstore/grocery store runs. This committee may also be called upon to occasionally mow yards of foreclosed homes if the bank is not maintaining the property. The committee will identify volunteers that can be called upon by the chair to assist the aforementioned residents and matched based on listed skill sets.